Group Benefits

We appreciate the help group leaders provide when organizing their trip. In thanks for that Jim Thorpe River Adventures does all it can to make that job worth your while. Here’s what we’ll do for you as the Group Leader:

Bring 6 or more people and the Group Leader gets:

• A FREE Box Lunch (when ordering for everyone in your group)(Must be ordered one week prior to the trip date)

Bring 15 or more people, you get one Free Raft Trip that Day! Bring 30, you get two Free Raft Trips for that Day!

Group Leader gets:

• A Free Wetsuit Rental if necessary (wetsuit, booties, gloves, paddle jacket)

• A $15 gift card to be used in our gift shop!

• A Free 8 X 10 color photo of their raft!

• And a Free Box Lunch (when ordering for everyone in your group)