Lower Lehigh River Gorge Trip Description

Upon arrival at your “put-in” point of Rockport, you’ll marvel at the mountain and river gorge scenery all around you. Walk down a few steps and you’re on the Lehigh! Your first rapid is Entrance, then Pinball, Eye of the Needle, White Falls, Mile Long, Bridal Veil, Double Barrel, Pipeline, Snaggletooth, and more – 15 major Class 2-3 rapids in all – making this trip an exciting, refreshing, healthy outdoor experience for you and your group. Your “take-out” spot is at Glen Onoko, a deep nook Mother Nature created eons ago. You’ll arrive at the end of your trip breathless and right out of Snaggletooth Rapid – the longest and most challenging of the Lehigh’s rapids. We’ll bet there is a smile on your face for most of the day!

Upper Lehigh River Gorge Trip Description

Step out of the bus and you’ll see the Lehigh River zooming by – leading you to 8.7 miles of excitement! 14 major Class 2-3 rapids follow! Raft through Initiation, Tannery, Triple Drop, “Z”, No-Way, Staircase, Ledges, Mud Run, and Wilhoyt’s – among others! You’ll finish at Rockport, sigh, throw “Hi-5’s” all around, and walk up to your bus ride back to Jim Thorpe River Adventure’s river headquarters. Everyone will have a great time!

Intro to Whitewater “A Touch of Class 2” Trip Description

5 minutes after you get in your raft, you’re shooting the rapids in the Class 2 rapid called Deaton’s Demise! It’s a long, left-turning rapid that builds up to a great climax at Canary Hole – a favorite playspot for kayakers. As soon as it’s over, you’ll find yourself floating along in easy moving water with the scenic town of Jim Thorpe visible in the distance. There are lots of nice easy rapids all day long – a Class 2 rapid starts your day and the Class 2 rapid Final Exam ends your day. “A Touch of Class 2” is the perfect introduction to whitewater rafting.